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Find manufacturers to meet all of your fabrication requirements with FabHunters simplified process for finding a manufacturing partner

From material supply, material manipulation, machining processing, equipment hire, labour requirements and all painting processes.

As a Buyer, benefit via digital RFQs, providing a faster and more efficient procurement process that will save you time and money: while expanding network opportunities with the right partners locally and nationally.

Heres how it works

  1. Create a custom RFQ for your requirements
  2. Enter details for your project
  3. Upload required documents or files

Your RFQ is now listed instantly on – visible to all users who have subscribed to the category and region you have selected.

Posting RFQs is completely free for Procurement professionals! is not a middle man or broker so we don’t charge buyers for posting RFQs and getting quotes.  We simply enable a marketplace for buyers to post their requirements and connect with manufacturers around the UK.

Access to our comprehensive database of global manufacturers along with a view of their capabilites, facilities and accreditations.

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  • Search for manufacturers to grow your supply chain
  • Save time and money during the procurement process